ENSPIREA is an engineering consulting firm advising leading manufacturing companies on issues of standardization and synergy for automation.

We partner with clients to assess challenges in their design development process, identify potential opportunities, and increase design productivity without sacrificing engineering quality.

“Lean Design Methodology”

LEAN DESIGN METHODOLOGY (LDM) is an integrated socio-technical method that includes an innovative management philosophy and method of implementation. LDM organizes the process of design for product manufacturer, including interaction with suppliers and customers. LDM is a sequel to the Toyota Production System (TPS). Toyota uses TPS to adapt Just-in-Time for “Production”. ENSPIREA’s LDM is used to adapt Just-in-Time for “Design”.
As we all know, the Toyota Production System (TPS) has inspired many companies globally to achieve lean manufacturing. But, did TPS also help to achieve a lean design process? The answer is “NO”! Unlike in the manufacturing process, in the design process, “human decisions” or “tacit knowledge” play a very important role. TPS was not intended to be used to analyze how humans make decisions in the complex design process. So, we need to go beyond TPS to optimize design process productivity.

Our innovative LDM not only increases design productivity, but also maintains the highest engineering quality.
Proven benefits:

  • Design Work hour: 30% reduction
  • Design Lead time: 80% reduction
  • Design Productivity: seven-fold increase

ENSPIREA is proud to be the first company to offer our LEAN DESIGN METHODOLOGY in the US.